Whether you're purchasing consumer, protective, display or industrial packaging or packaging services from us, or selling your products or services to us, we're committed to creating and maintaining a mutually beneficial partnership.

What We Look For In Our Suppliers

A commitment to quality, responsiveness and service.

Please provide us with examples of your firm's excellence through certifications, awards, etc.

Customer focus.

We prefer partners who strive to achieve our customer service goals and objectives.

Cost savings.

We value suppliers who continually look for ways to help us lower our costs through savings in all areas.

Innovative business solutions.

We want to work with companies that are willing to work toward continuous improvement and more efficient products and services.


Our best suppliers are those who take advantage of technology to give Sonoco and its customers a competitive edge.

Our Supplier Standards

See聽all of Sonoco's supplier standards.

Human Rights Policy

Learn about our commitment to human rights.

Selling to Sonoco

Learn about our supplier standards.

Read our supplier payment FAQs.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

If the buyer is located in the United States, use Sonoco's聽U.S. Terms and Conditions聽(effective November 29, 2018).

If the buyer is located in Europe, use our聽European Terms and Conditions聽(English)(Deutsche)聽(updated January 28,聽 2016).

If the buyer is located in Canada, use our聽Canadian Terms and Conditions聽(effective July 7, 2010).

If the buyer is located in Malaysia, use our聽Malaysian Terms and Conditions聽(effective June 11, 2013).

Identify as Tax Exempt

Learn more about the process for identifying as tax exempt.

Buying from Sonoco

Sonoco wants to be your preferred supplier. Let us prove ourselves as a value-adding partner in your packaging supply chain.聽

Contact us for more information.

Memorandum of Insurance


Business Conduct

Learn about our policies on business conduct.

Conflict Minerals

Learn about our policy on conflict minerals.

Anti-bribery and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act聽

Learn more about our policy.

Tax Policy

Learn more about our tax policy.

Quality Policy

Learn more about our quality policy.

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