120 years of excellence.

Our first product was a cone-shaped paper yarn carrier used for winding and transporting yarn. Since most of the textile cones of that day were wooden, paper cones were a novelty. The Company soon became the leading producer of cones in the United States.

The Southern Novelty Company continued to diversify its product line and add new operations around the country. In 1923, the Southern Novelty Company name was changed to 秒速快三平台 Company, or "Sonoco," using the first two letters from each word of its original name.

Since then, we鈥檝e continued growing, and are now a multi-billion, global business with four segments: Industrial, Consumer, Protective Solutions and Display and Packaging.

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For more information about Sonoco鈥檚 history, contact our聽Corporate Communications聽department at 843-383-7000.

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