EcoReel庐 Recycling Program

The EcoReel聽Recycling Program gives you measurable savings in disposal costs and investment recovery. All you need to do is call 888/ECO-REEL and arrange for a pickup of your empty wood reels or polyfiber reels and spools.

Since 1991, Sonoco has been working with utility companies, contractors and distributors to collect old wire and cable reels and spools to be refurbished. The EcoReel聽Program is the most comprehensive, cost-effective nailed wood and polyfiber reel recycling program in the industry. And it鈥檚 the only nationwide provider of reel recycling services.

Now we pick up used reels from all kinds of companies and industries. We inspect, repair and refurbish them and then return them to circulation for reuse. Flexibility in program design is a key success factor, so we collaborate with you to ensure success. And if you need details on the number of trees or amount of landfill space you are saving, we can provide a thorough environmental analysis to use for sustainability reports.

The EcoReel庐 Recycling Program

For customer service:
In the U.S., call 888/ECO-REEL
Outside the U.S., call 256/751-1092.

For more information, download the EcoReel recycling program brochure.

Call Us For a Pickup

To arrange for Sonoco to pick up your reels just give us a call:


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